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Basic functional modules of the system Global STeP

Global STeP Overview

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Global SteP business features

  • Overall STP-oriented system architecture for trades and corporate actions. Event-driven scheduling of STP processes
  • Flexibly adjustable transaction scenarios
  • Multi-currency real-time accounting
  • Cross-numbering of securities using ISIN, CUSIP, etc. Using of CFI (ISO 10962) for categorizationinstruments.
  • Dividends, bond interests and other types of entitlements. Date-driven calculation of entitlements.
  • All types of reorganizations - splits, conversions, etc.
  • A standalone ISO15022-compatible STP-enabled SWIFT component. SWIFT as a universal messaging middleware
  • Notifying involved parties of trades, corporate actions and other business events by SWIFT, e-mail, or fax messages
  • Scalable client-server architecture. Local and remote access to the system
  • High performance, ability to store and process huge data volumes


  • In June 2003 ArtSoft signed an agreement with AGILE software systems, UK. See more details in the "Partners" section of the site.
  • In 2003 ArtSoft entered into a distributorship agreement with SOS, LTD., USA, a provider of complex program management support to a number of U.S. Government agencies.
  • 1999 - 2002. NTier Securities Development Studio, Ireland, acted as ArtSoft's business partner.
  • 1996 - 1998 ArtSoft collaborated with Asset Information Management 2000, UK.

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